Recently, companies all across the globe stand at an inflection point. Every new or existing company that is on the path to reinvent itself finds digitization at its core. And as the demand for digitization is increasing, so are the companies gearing up to meet these cutting-edge technology demands.

Among such companies comes AFRIBPO. Africa’s leading, next-generation call centre outsourcing company that has helped numerous businesses reinvent to the digital age.

Our success story lies in the fact that we as a team, consider various perspectives prior to onboarding our clients by understanding the business value of our client companies, we not only enable them to transform and improve performance but also help them become more agile and competitive.

Meet The Team

African Business Process Outsourcing

Johnlouis Ezenwa

African Business Process Outsourcing

Nelly Isuan Eboreime



AfriBPO is a Business Process Outsourcing company tackling the modern-day business and customer service problems by providing clients with the best-in-class service solutions, combining customer service expertise and business intelligence to catalyse change and deliver cutting-edge results. We deliver a world class service success to make your business stand out.

Typically handling non-core and internal mechanisms, we cater specific business functionalities such:

  • Research
  • Data Mining
  • Analytics
  • Data Entry
  • Research
  • Data Mining
  • Analytics
  • Data Entry
  • Research
  • Data Mining
  • Analytics
  • Data Entry

Our BPO services include and are not limited to:

along with many others.

Advantages of outsourcing with AFRIBPO are increased operational efficiency, process management, increased flexibility, customer-centred approach, reduced internal costs, experienced personnel as well as well-educated and knowledgeable agents.


We are passionate about our business, motivated, result driven and flexible to your specific needs to ensure growth and profitability in your business

Looking for a professional BPO services for your business, let AFRIBPO take care of all your business service solution needs.

You choose the people you want, the skills you need and workspace options that suits your business – we will take care of everything else.



To create unique and powerful customer service solutions that deals with current and future business challenges.

Going above and beyond assisting our clients to increasing their profitability, market agility and competitive advantage whilst treating every customer with attention, consideration and respect.

AFRIBPO is zealous about providing cutting edge service solutions to its clients by growing their businesses in collaborative and cooperative manner. To achieve this mission, we combine our experience, expertise and thought leadership with integrity, professionalism, and ever-expanding resources and capabilities.


To be a world class business process outsourcing company in Africa and beyond.

We strive to consistently create value in our clients’ business through innovative technologies and personalized services to ensure a result-driven business solution.

AFRIBPO aims to consistently uphold a professional image within our company by prioritizing and valuing our clients and their business while serving them with honesty and integrity.

Our Values


We are open, honest, and transparent to our clients in all our relationships.


We work together to create a culture that builds respect and trust.


We strive for excellence.

One Team

Teamwork is vital if success is to be achieved. Each person’s contribution is essential to the growth of our clients.

Customer Orientation

The concerns and needs of the customers are the guiding force behind all our endeavours

Innovation & Inspiration

We are creative in the implementation of processes that inspire and improve the total customer experience.


We strive to foster stainable development and uphold the dignity of our clients and our organization in all that we do.


We always put our clients’ needs at the centre of everything we do.


We collaborate efficiently to provide an outstanding service that provides both our internal and external clients with great experiences.


We have the resources and capability to deploy custom solutions and respond quickly to our client’s requirements.